The PAN Group: Establishing a new milestone in revenue and total assets in 2018


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By the end of 2018, Vietnam's economy witnessed the highest GDP growth in the last 10 years, in which the agricultural sector continued to form a clear trend to recovery when it reached 2.89% - the highest level in the period between 2012-2018.  In that context, the PAN Group continues to maintain an impressive growth rate compared to 2017 with their two core businesses: Food and Agriculture.
Specifically, in 2018, the consolidated net revenue of the PAN Group continued to reach new growth rates, the highest since its establishment, reaching 7,832 billion VND, up 92% compared to 2017. The motivation for growth in the PAN Group's 2018 comes from business activities of member companies and success in M&A strategy.




The consolidated profit of the PAN Group also witnessed decent growth because the member companies of the Group have optimized operating costs, increased the efficiency of production and business activities. In which consolidated profit before tax and consolidated profit after tax reached 641 billion VND and 568 billion VND respectively, up 17.9% and 13.1% compared to 2017.  Profit after tax of public shareholders parent company reached 326 billion VND, 11% higher than the whole year plan.

Property situation:












 Total assets


















Money and cash equivalent









All figures in billions VND 

On 31 December 2018, the PAN Group has healthy cash reserves amounting to 2,543 billion VND. The PAN Group continues to maintain a strong financial situation, meeting liquidity and business needs comfortably allowing for investment capital to be available for future projects.

In 2018, after a series of investment deals, M&A as well as asset growth of member companies PAN's total assets reached VND 9,438 billion, an increase of VND 3,455 billion, equivalent to 158% compared to the year before. Asset structure is maintained reasonably with total debt of VND 3,465 billion, equivalent to 37% of total assets, of which short-term debt is VND 1,778 billion, long-term debt is VND 1,686 billion; equity is VND 5,972 billion, equivalent to 63% of total assets.

With the above results the PAN Group is currently the most prestigious agricultural and food corporation in Vietnam with an ownership structure consisting of nearly 20 subsidiaries and associates which are the leading enterprises in their business sectors. The core businesses of the Group are BBC, NSC, FMC, ABT.  Also in 2018, the PAN Group withdrew 100% of the capital at PAN Services, and left the industrial cleaning sector, focusing entirely on food and agriculture.  The continued vision is for the PAN Group to become the region’s leader; providing reliable products with breakthrough solutions from Vietnam to the domestic and world markets.