Result on transaction of internal shareholders

The PAN Group
Transaction of internal shareholders
Organization name: THE PAN GROUP
Securities Symbol: PAN
Address: A1-9 VL3 Street, Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Zone, Long Hiep Ward, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Submitted by: Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My
Position: CEO
Information disclosure type: Irregular  

Content of Information disclosure:  

Pursuant to Official Letter No. 7389 / SSC-QLCB dated 01.11.2018 of The State Securities Commission approved registered offering of shares under ESOP 2018 plan of the company. We would like to announce the list of Internal Shareholders who completed transactions as listed in the attached list    
Transaction date: 26 November 2018

This information was disclosed on Company/Fund’s Portal on date 28 November 2018 Available at:   
I declare that all information provided in this paper is true and accurate; I shall be legally responsible for any mispresentation./. 

Party authorized to disclose information
Nguyen Thi Tra My    

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