PAN-SALADBOWL changes its name to PAN-HULIC, and a new brand identity is launched

PAN-HULIC is a joint venture between PAN Farm and our partner HULIC from Japan. The company's main products include high quality vegetables and flowers serving the domestic market and being exported to Japan and other markets.

In February 2016, the Company was established with the name PAN-SALADBOWL, operating in the field of high-tech agricultural production in Vietnam, prioritizing towards Asian markets. Right from the first year of establishment, chrysanthemum and carnation products grown in the company's greenhouses were highly appreciated and successfully exported to the Japanese market.

In 2018, the Company began to test high quality vegetable products with close cooperation from Japanese partners. The current products have been officially supplied to the Japanese supermarket system AEON Mall and AEON Citimart. It is expected that in 2019, PAN-HULIC will provide high quality strawberries as a result of the research into seed selection and cultivation which began in mid-2018.

Along with the change of name, PAN-HULIC also officially launched a new brand identity, synchronized with the PAN Group's common brand identity. The new logo is a combination of the basic lines of the current logo, showing the inheritance of the core values while adding a contemporary flourish which will exhibit the group’s new development directions. The new identity is in line with the green and clean development orientation of PAN-HULIC.  The company always provides green, clean, safe, quality and traceability products which serves good health of he community. 

The change of name and brand identity mark a new journey, and enhance the company image and expand the operation in line with the general strategic vision of the Group.  PAN-HULIC provide reliable products and breakthrough solutions from Vietnam for the world through the complete Farm, Food and Family value chain.