Disclosure of information on change of outstanding voting shares

The PAN Group
Announce the change of outstanding voting shares 

Organization name: THE PAN GROUP
Securities Symbol: PAN
Address: A1-9 VL3 Street, Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Zone, Long Hiep Ward, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Submitted by: Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My
Position: CEO


 No.  Content Previous Change After Reason(*)
 1  Charter Capital (VND)  1,336,016,300,000.00    25,000,000,000.00    1,361,016,300,000.00   ESOP shares issuance
 2  Total number of shares  133,601,630.00  2,500,000.00  136,101,630.00  
 3 Treasury Stock
 102,000.00  0  102,000.00  
 4  Total number of outstanding voting shares  133,499,630.00  2,500,000.00  135,999,630.00  As above
 5  Number of preferred shares  0  0  0  

Party authorized to disclose information
Nguyen Thi Tra My

Please download attached file: Disclose information