Disclosure information on Maximum foreign ownership ratio in the Company

The PAN Group
Maximum foreign ownership ratio in the Company

Organization name: THE PAN GROUP
Securities Symbol: PAN
Address: A1-9 VL3 Street, Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Zone, Long Hiep Ward, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Submitted by: Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My
Position: CEO
Information disclosure type: 24 hours

Content of Information disclosure:

The PAN Group announces information on maximum foreign ownership ratio in the Company according to the Official Letter No. 8298/UBCK-PTTT dated 19 December 2018 of the State Securities Commission.    

This information was disclosed on Company/Fund’s portal on date 20/12/2018. Available at http://www.thepangroup.vn

I declare that all information provided in this paper is true and accurate; I shall be legally responsible for any mispresentation./.

Party authorized to disclose information

(signed and sealed)
Nguyen Thi Tra My

Please download the attached files:  
1. Disclosure of Information
2. Official Letter No. 8289/UBCK-PTTT