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The PAN Group conducts Annual Social Environment Audit 2018

The PAN Group operates in the field of Food and Agriculture in the whole territory of Vietnam and comprises of 11 member companies with approximately 10,000 staffs. Therefore, ensuring the requirements of environmental protection and social responsibility is one of top priorities of The PAN Group in order to maintain a stable business operation as well as implement the sustainable development strategy.

To concretize the efforts of The PAN Group in sustainable development strategy, in January 2018, Environmental Social and Food Safety Audit Program was implemented at all member companies of the Group. This annual activity aim to assess the compliance of The PAN Group on Environmental Protection, Occupational safety, Community Safety, Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Food Safety. Basis for assessment includes the requirements of Vietnamese Law, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards, Principles of HACCP and “PAN Production Principles”. The audit lasted from 8/1/2018 to 01/02/2018 and was performed independently at member companies by Sustainable Development Department of the Group.

Safety condition in production were assessed by experts of The PAN Group
It is most likely that PAN is one of few Vietnamese companies pioneer in setting theirs own Environmental and Social standards and specific mechanism to promote related parties in compliance with these requirements.

The PAN Group experts evaluated sustainable farming practices at the Vietnam National Seed Joint Stock Company

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