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The PAN Group and subsidiary companies joined in a corporate social responsibilities program for environmental protection

On 12/12/2015, The PAN Group and subsidiary companies including National Seed Company (NSC), Southern Seed Company (SSC) and PAN Food organized the campaign"1 to 1 for the environment" at Giai Xuan commune, Tan Ky District, Nghe An province.

The program is part of the 2015 Sustainable Development initiatives of The PAN Group called “Raising public awareness on Sustainability Development” to raise awareness of environmental protection among local farmers, thereby to support the efforts of the local authorities to improve the environmental conditions, contributing to the sustainable development of the local and national agriculture sector.

Package littering of , fertililizers, manures, pesticides, anti-biotic which cause serious environmental pollution


According to the National Environment Report 2015 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, one of the main causes of polluted water, air, land and resulting agricultural products is that most farmers have overused or have incorrectly used plant-protection-drugs and chemicals in the process of cultivation, breeding,etc, leading to high residual rates of plant protection products, toxic chemicals leak into water, air, land, etc. This issue is becoming more and more alarming and requires joint efforts of the relevant institutions in society to rectify and improve the situation.

With the mission of "strive to develop and leverage Vietnam Agriculture by offering trusted, traceable products and innovative solutions” and one of the philosophical foundations is "pursuing sustainable development and maximizing benefits to all stakeholders, including farmers”, this is the initial step of a long-term plan of PAN together with subsidiaries to have meaningful actions in protecting the environment, thus, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnamese agriculture.
Giai Xuan commune is one of the largest communes of Tan Ky district, located in the mountainous region of Nghe An province. This is a watershed area, with a high proportion of sugar cane plantation, and relevantly much pesticides for sugarcane. December is the time when Giai Xuan commnune has just ended sugarcane planting season that needs to use pesticide to kill insect and pest

"1 to 1 for the environment" program, with the support of local authorities of Tan Ky district and Giai Xuan commune, Department of cultivation and plant protection of Nghe An province, Plant Protection Station of Tan Ky district, focuses on propagating to raise awareness among local farmers of environmental protection issues through small but highly practical actions. In this program, PAN organized for farmers to collect the packaging, pesticide bottles in farming, cultivation, and bring them to a Company’s station to exchange for seeds and related farming tools, as well as labor protection products while using chemicals. PAN and our subsidiaries have cooperated with the relevant authorities to dispose/treat the collected products following the correct procedures, ensuring no harmful emissions that might cause environmental problems.



The program received support from Representative of Plant Protection Station of Tan Ky district, Nghe An

PAN’s EHS Officer was weighing collected packaging and bottles

NSC representatives gave gift packages to farmers who had collected with high volume. In the photo is Mr. Tran Van Rau from Nuoc Xanh ward who collected 5kg of bottle of chemical waste.

The exchanged products of the program included high quality seeds of National Seed Company and Southern Seed Company, such as: cabbage, pumpkin, bitter gourd, glutinous corn, etc… and labor protection such as gloves, protective masks, boots, protective glasses etc so that farmers can safely used in the next crops when using compulsory chemicals in cultivation process.

NSC sponsored seeds of: cabbage, pumpkin, bitter gourd, glutinous corn, …for the program

In this program, The PAN Group and member companies also sponsored to construct 60 waste collection concrete container to Giai Xuan commune, aiming at collecting all hazardous wastes easier for farmers


The PAN Group sponsor of 15 waste collection drains for Representative of Giai Xuan commune

The joint program between PAN and subsidiaries, sponsored 60 waste collection concrete containers in total to Giai Xuan commune.

The construction of waste collection containers aims to support the efforts and alleviate the financial burdens of Giai Xuan Commune in implementing Waste Collection Scheme 2015-2020, which involves the construction of waste collection facilities that are self-funded by the commune. 

The construction of waste collection containers will be a prerequisite for mobilizing, encouraging other localities to take the initiative and pay more attention to environmental protection, by taking practical actions, to reduce the farmers’ acts of throwing and littering packaging and bottles containing toxic chemicals into the environment, and became less dependent on the supports from Government related authorities.

This corporate social responsibility program is the initial step for a long-term supportive commitments of The PAN Group, as well as of subsidiaries regarding the environmental protection issues, improving the livingconditions and livelihood of people and farming practices, aiming to achieve a larger goal, which is to raise awareness among Vietnamese people and contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s agricultural environment.

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