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The annual E&S audit program of The PAN Group in 2018

From 10th January to 25th January 2019, the E&S annual audit program of  The PAN Group was implemented at companies of the Group

The annual audit program is to ensure full compliance with legal requirements and commitments to investors and customers in Environment, Labor and Safety. The E&S audit program of 2018 also encompasses Safeguard Policy Statement of ADB – one of the standards which PAN committed to observe in 2018. The program was conducted by Sustainable Development specialists of The PAN Group and Sustainable Development coordinators of member companies. In the past few years, E&S annual audit program has been conducted periodically to support member companies following international standards and rules and continually improving their compliance to those standards and rules.
The E&S annual audit above is a part of the Sustainable Development  strategy that The PAN Group has pursued, with the mission of establishing a professional system to manage environmental and social issues. The annual audit program of PAN is line with global best practices of sustainable production, green development and investment
 E&S annual audit is a requirement in the Production Principles which is issued by The PAN Group and applied internally at member companies.


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