Sustainability commitment

PAN is committed to building a strong and profitable business platform to achieve long-term growth, and to enable sustainable development generating long lasting values.

We guarantee the balance in economic, social and environmental factors on the basis of complying with current governmental regulations; PAN strictly complies with international guidelines and standards the corporation has committed to follow.

1. Economic development:

  • We focus on agricultural and food sector which are Vietnam’s former advantages. 
  • We invest in businesses owning available assets, having their own former markets and having potential development.
  • We build and improve continually corporate governance system to control all activities at all levels. The system also ensures the transparency of information; giving maximum and equal benefits for shareholders, especially minor share the balance holders. PAN establishes internal procedures, processes and coordinates a comprehensive set of control to all subsidiaries to deal with problems that may occur.
2. Environmental protection:

With the characteristics of agricultural and food sector, the impact of Pan and our subsidiaries on the environment is significant. We build environmental management system based on international standards such as ISO14000, ASC, MSC...

  • Strictly control environmental aspect, environmental impacts and establishe an environmental management system with measures and concrete action.
  • Identify and assess levels of compliance with requirements of National Law and other requirements from related partners
  • Prepare for a possible emergency case and response
  • Organize monitoring and measuring performance and improve continuously
  • Our goal is to minimize negative effects, improve products and technologies in an environment-friendly way.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility

PAN takes responsibility for our employees, our customers, our partners, our suppliers and surrounding communities. We strive to provide better life for people by:

  • Creating job opportunities with good income, providing welfare, caring for spiritual and material life for workers.
  • Supply products which are in good quality, safe and suitable for everybody
  • Providing knowledge and skills to the community, assisting technologies for farmers to produce high-value products
  • Promoting collaboration, production and exchange of goods with partners and suppliers with the purpose of jointly developing.
  • Creating safe working conditions, protecting health of people who may be affected.
  • Contributing to building social infrastructure, supporting the disadvantaged.
  • Ensuring natural habitat for the community
4. Sustainability topic:

Topic of year 2017: High technology agriculture and sustainable cultivation.

In 2017, the PAN Group makes plan for series of agriculture projects with high technology and high quality agriculture products, which meets the strict requirements of domestic and foreign market. Specifically, in addition to the consideration about productivity and quality, PAN also orients to the sustainable cultivation and regard it as the solid foundation and motivation for the future development.

Agriculture is a traditional and potential sector in Viet Nam. With the determination and strengths, The PAN Group will contribute to bring up the agriculture sector to a higher level and to bring benefits for all sides.

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