Code of Conduct (COC)


The content of the “Internal Guideline” defines activities and provides guidance for the internal and external conduct of The PAN Group.

The PAN Group’s target of promulgating this document is towards the transparency in development policies, showing commitment to integrity in all transactions, production and business activities. This internal guidance is one of the important factors for The PAN Group to continue pursuing its sustainable development strategy.

1. Human resource policies

The PAN Group committed to create a dynamic, fair, professional and friendly working environment, where every employee has the opportunity to work, train, develop careers to achieve success and improve personality. All the successes, even the smallest one, are recognized and rewarded. We provide opportunities for all employees to develop and build their career at The PAN Group while contributing their useful actions to the society and environment at the same time. We committed to comply with the laws and IFC’s regulations regarding manpower utilization and management.

- The PAN Group focuses on building a safe and professional working environment with policies to attract talents, scientific and effective working regime as well as attractive benefits and rewarding policies.
- Develop transparent, fair and non-discriminatory employment policies without the use of forced labor, child labor, and other illegal use of labor.
- Compliance with the working regime and sign the labor contract in accordance with the Labor Code.
- Developing a good compensation policy adequate with each position, skills and professional qualifications of the employees in order to recognize the capacity and performance of individuals.
- Strictly follow the regulations of the state on the implement of insurance policies for labors and buy other additional insurance programs to ensure the best working environment and health condition for employees.
- Focus on training by developing and implementing training plan to improve the professional skills and the quality of all employees’ work.
- Enhance the cooperative spirit, mutual support between staffs and departments to achieve success for the Group.
- Build corporate culture of the Group by organizing activities and periodically surveying the level of employee’s satisfaction.

The PAN Group has been developing and setting up processes, regulations guidelines and communications to all employees to fulfill these commitments. Policies related to Human resource will be reviewed, adjusted and updated regularly to obtain the highest efficiency.

2. Environment policies

The PAN Group operates in the field of agriculture and food. The company’s decisions indirectly affect the environment through the production and business activities of subsidiaries. Therefore, in addition to commitments of internal operations, we are aware of and commit to polices and measures to prevent environmental pollution, depletion of resources, and minimize possible negative impacts. The PAN Group orients towards creating pervasiveness in community and driving change of scale.

The PAN Group’s environmental activities focus on the following issues:

- Investing in agriculture and food without harming the environment causing investors, customers to protest or violate the law.
- Promoting the application of modern production technology, reducing the use of natural resources and reducing the emission to the environment.
-All staffs will have awareness training and are required to implement environmental protection measures in daily operations.
- Promulgating documents and guidelines as a basis for stakeholders and supply chain to participate in environmental protection activities in production and business.

3. Occupational Health and Safety Policies

Employees are always the company’s most valuable asset with safety in working and occupational health is one of the most important issues of concern to the company. Although office operations at The PAN Group do not have several negative impacts, the company still recommends measures to ensure the best working conditions at the company:

- Infrastructure is fully equipped to ensure the best working conditions without affecting employees’ health.
- Employees are provided with effective health care and health check. Implementing safety training, necessary warning of danger to be ready for possible incidents such as fire, occupational accidents and diseases.
- Documents and guidelines on occupational health and safety is promulgated as a basis for stakeholders and the supply chain to participate in occupational health and safety activities in production and business.

4. Commitments to stakeholders

The PAN Group’s operations have direct and indirect impacts on many stakeholders, whereby we commit to:

Shareholders: Bringing the highest benefit and equity to all shareholders.

Customers (direct and indirect), partners: Providing safe, nutritious products that match the demand, carrying out effective collaboration and supporting activities on the basis of mutual benefit.

Employees: Employees are ensured to have a good living and income and are provide safe and comfortable working conditions as well as higher benefits compare with Labor Law.

Local community: Prevent and minimize negative environment and social impacts on the local community. Carry out specific actions to support the stabilization of the community life, economic development, education and people in difficult circumstances.

State agencies: Comply with the laws and policies issued by the state. Cooperate in transparent information disclosure and legal audit. Strictly and voluntarily implement the Group's policies and statements

The above commitments are shown by The PAN Group with specific activities widely disclosed and reported to stakeholders in various forms. The PAN Group also builds a mechanism for dialogue, receiving and processing internal and external information. We welcome and are ready to receive any feedbacks. Please contact us by: 

Phone: (+84-24) 3760 6190.

Or by post to: 
•236/43/2 Dien Bien Phu, Điện Biên Phủ, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, Hochiminh city
•15th Floor, Icon 4 tower, 243A De La Thanh, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

All information will be committed to confidentiality as required by the providers.

5. Internal code of conduct

The PAN Group is an organization with mission to create and increase value through value chain integration in agriculture and food sectors. Based on the specification of these two sectors, the internal code of conduct was set up. PAN expects employees and officer at all levels to understand and implement this code of conduct voluntarily as it is beneficial to the company, employees and the whole community.

Shareholders, investors, customers and partners:

•Respectful, courteous and polite to stakeholders.
•Transparency and fairness, firmly opposed to bribery, deception or favoritism.
•Denounce personal gain or group interest.
•Carry out fair and healthy competition.


•Equal treatment and matching with the local culture.
•Respect personal freedom and the difference in ethnic, culture and religion of each region.
•Do not have any harassment, discrimination attitude or behavior and colleague disparaging in any form and for any reason.
•Serious and sincere in working relationships.
•Towards transparency and fairness to protect the right things and behaviors.
•Compliance with labor regulations issued and approved by the company.


•Compliance with local laws and other mandatory requirements from stakeholders. Protest and prevent any violation of these requirements.
•Protect company’s tangible and intangible assets including intellectual property confidential information.
•Respect the ownership and privacy of other parties.
•Do not use or disclose information and secrets related to insider trading.
•Do not seek profit for individual or any parties that may affect the company.

Community and social responsibility:

•All employees must be aware of and behave appropriately with the company’s sustainable development strategy including economic development, environmental protection and safety and social security.
•Social responsibility must be carried out voluntarily and sincerely.

Other behaviors, which are not mentioned above, should be conducted well, ethically and in appropriate with the work environment. If any violation is found, related parties are encouraged to report to their direct manager, Human Resource Department or Supervisory Board to take appropriate remedial action.


The above guidelines are implemented in association with all activities of The PAN Group. Actual activities and results are published in Annual Report and annual Sustainable Development Report. Based on these results, improvement plans will be made appropriately.

“The Internal Guidelines” and “PAN Production Principles” are two important documents expressing all the views, requirements and internal and external measures of The PAN Group in the sustainable development strategy. The mentioned above documents are published on the company’s website, and informed shareholders, employees, customers, member companies and other interested parties.

The PAN Group recommends all employees of the Group to follow this Internal Guidelines to align with the Group’s development orientation. The Group also commits to implement supporting activities to ensure the effect of these guidelines as well as encourage employee compliance. Any behavior that does not conform to the guidelines will be reviewed and the solution will be given by the Group.

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