Resolution no. 16-10/2015 of board of Directors of The Pan Group

The Pan Group (PAN) announced the resolution no. 16-10/2015/NQ-HDQT of board of Directors of The Pan Group

Pursuant to:

-        Enterprise Law 2015 approved by the National Assembly on 01/07/2015;

-        Company’s Charter of The PAN Group (“the Company”) on 25/08/2015;

-        Securities Law No. 70/2006/QH11 approved by the 11th National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 29/06/2006;

-        Meeting Minute No.      /2015/BBH-HĐQT on 01 October 2015 of the Board of Directors; 


Item 1. Approval of the closing of Hanoi Representative office of The PAN Group

Item 2. Approval of the opening of Hanoi Branch of The PAN Group with key details as follows:

  • Branch Director: Propose to assign Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, who currently is Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Director, to be Director of Hanoi Branch.
  • Accounting system: Dependent on the PAN Group.
  • Branch Location: 15th Floor, ICON4 Tower, 243A De La Thanh Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam              

Item 3. To authorize the Acting CEO to facilitate the necessary preparation regarding legal documentations and profiles for closing Hanoi Representative Office and establishing Hanoi Branch of PAN.

Item 4. Proposed timing: as soon as the Resolution is effective.

Item 5. This Resolution shall take effect from the date of signing. The Board of Directors and related individuals are responsible for implementing this Resolution.

Please download the file attached:

vEN_Resolution_2015_16_Closing of HN Office and opening of HN Branch.pdf

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