Resolution No. 01-06/2016/NQ-HĐQT

The PAN Group announced the resolution No. 01-06/2016/NQ-HĐQT of the Board of Director
Item 1. Appoint Ernst & Young Vietnam Ltd. as the independent auditor to audit the 2016 separate and consolidated financial statements of the Company.
Item 2. Approved the transactions with related parties including subsidiaries, affiliated companies, major shareholders, internal shareholders or related person of major & internal shareholders. Detailed transactions are enclosed to the Resolution
For further detail, please refer the original document at
Original document: NQ 01-06_2016_NQ-HDQT - Chấp thuận kiểm toán và Giao dịch các bên liên quan 22.06.2016.pdf

Translated document: 20160622_01-06.2016.NQ-HDQT.pdf

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