R&D in Agriculture

Emphasizing on benefits of the farmers and consumers, R&D activities mainly emphasizes on plant breeding selection and new variety development, with the focal of food crops such as rice, corn, and vegetables. 
We have been applying conventional breeding and new tools in biotechnology such as marker-assisted selection as well as genetic modification to make high-quality seed with high productivity, pet and disease resistance and climate change tolerance.

Better farm management options (such as soil and fertility management, solution dealing with drought and salinization…) for farmers to achieve better crop productivity, to guide farmers to apply eco-friendly farming principles and be able to cope with climate change.

We have a nationwide system of laboratories, research centers and experimental stations, which are suitable for plant variety testing in different soil types and weather conditions. In the year 2017, we invested in building a R&D center for high-tech applications in agriculture nearby Hoa Lac high-tech park. The center is a demonstration site of greenhouse systems equipped with advanced automated control facilities to serve our research needs in the future.

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