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Good opportunities for pangasius producers.

Opposite to the report of Directorate of Fisheries announced in August 2013 with the main contents that the area for pangasius breeding in Mekong Delta would have a rise of 4.2%; the volume increase by 5.3% year on year, there is still a concern of pangasius lacking for production.
Shrimps... sharply recover

After 2 years of diseases, there is a good shrimp cultivation season and price, which creates an active business environment
Shrimp export increasing sharply

In the first 8 months of 2013, fishery export increased by 4.3% year on year. Shrimp export rose more 20%
First 9 months, estimated GDP rose 5.14 %

The consumer price index (CPI) in September was announced at the same time and increased 1.06 % from the previous month. Generally, the current inflation is at 4.63%.
Vietnamese Shrimp escape U.S. anti- subsidy fine

After the destruction of the anti-dumping tax on Vietnam, the U.S. Trade Commission keeps making beneficial decisions for Vietnam to continue with the operation of the Vietnam shrimp exports.
The agricultural sector needs nearly $ 1 billion to respond to climate change

The Ministry of agriculture and rural development is calling for the investment of nearly $ 1 billion to deal with climate change, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emission to 30-40 million.
Shrimp accounts for nearly 40 % of seafood exports

Compared to the same period of 7 months of 2012, shrimp export value grew more than 45 %, the most powerful of all seafood.
Vietnamese Pangasius received $ 2.5 million from EU

This amount is part of the project worth $ 3.2 million in order to support the catfish industry in Vietnam.
Vietnam, the new “promising star " for the consumer products sector ?

(VnEconomy) The growth rate of consumer spending (CAGR ) of Vietnam in the period 2011-2020 is expected to be one of the highest in the ASEAN region , reaching 8 % , higher than both Indonesia and Malaysia at 5 % , and the Philippines , Thailand and Singapore and are at 4 % ( source : Global Insights, Bain Analysis).
$4 billion for the M&A Market in Vietnam in 2013

Down from a record of $5.1 billion USD last year due to the lack of large-scale deals but the M& A market is still expected to post a growth rate of 25-30% in the next earning cycle.

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