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[Live update] PAN presents huge capital raising plan in 2014

[Tri thuc tre] PAN continues to plan to mobilize capital of 1,300 billion dong in 2014 via individual issuance of stock or bond.
[Live update]PAN general shareholder meeting: bonus share rate at 2:1, continue mobilization of 1300 billions, voted CEO Tael Partners in Board of management

(NDH) PAN BOD proposed the AGM to authorize the BOD to issue a resolution on increasing foreign room at PAN to the maximum extent permitted by the law.
PAN: Consolidated profit of 1st quarter 2014 reached 20 billions VND, doubled the same period in 2013 in aqua cultural business

(NDH) Thanks to greater aqua cultural activities, Pan Pacific JSC (HOSE: PAN) reported more than 100 billion in revenue and 20 billion in profit after tax for the first quarter of 2014.
PAN to list more 20.3 million shares

(NDH) According to Hochiminh Stock Exchange, PAN will list 20,312,500 shares which were private issued for strategic shareholders on 22/04/2013.
NSC: PAN gives tender offer at 76,100 VND/share to increase 65% chartered capital

(NDH) PAN Pacific Corp ( PAN) gave a tender offer to buy 6.23 million shares of National Seed Corporation (ticket NSC) with expected price at 76,100 VND per share.
PAN: Net profit increases 14 times in Q1/2014

(NDH) According to financial statement of parent company, in Q1/2014, the net profit is 9.34 billion VND, increased 14 times compared to the same period. Cash and cash equivalents is 730.92 billion VND.
PAN: Increasing foreign ownership limit from 17.34% to 49%

(NDH) Pan Pacific Corp. (PAN) announced that the increase foreign ownership limit of PAN ticket from 17.34% to 49%.
NSC officially became PAN's associated company from 14/4

(NDH) PAN Pacific Corp. (PAN-HOSE) has bought 1.54 million shares of Vietnam National Seed Jsc. (NSC-HOSE) and increased ownership to 20.62%
ABT: Distribute profits to Shareholders, Board members of PAN were appointed to ABT's Board of Directors.

In 2013, net profit of ABT was 73.9 billion, the company spent 69 billion in paying dividends with a rate of 60%, the 5 billion remained is used for paying dividends in 2014.
Why the Government investment company of Singapore invested in Pan Pacific?

(NDH) Singapore Government is interested in food and agriculture sectors, Vietnam is an ideal place to invest.

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