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PAN: The consolidated profit in 2013 reached 110.9% of the year target.

(NDH) PAN PACIFIC (PAN - HOSE) has announced Consolidated business results in quarter 4/2013 and accumulated results in the year 2013 (unaudited). Accordingly, the company has completed 110.9% year profit target.
PAN: Structuring investment portfolio for focused growth

A series of changes in investing activities have just been proposed shortly by Board of Management of PAN PACIFIC Corp.
PAN: Maximum number of share for foreign investor is 16.3 millions

(NDH) Board of Management of Pan Pacific (PAN code - HOSE) have agreed on the maximum number of shares for foreign investors in the individual share issuance proposal, also approved in the Unusual General Meeting of Shareholders 2013, which is 16.3 million shares.
PAN: deposit share bonus of 2013 in cash, rate 10%

(NDH) On 02.14.1014, Pan Pacific (PAN code - HOSE) interim dividend of 2013 will be paid in cash, at 10% of par value (1.000VND/share).
PAN: NDH Vietnam increased ownership rate to 20.25%

(NDH) NDH Vietnam has increased their ownership rate of Pan Pacific (PAN - HOSE) to 20.25%.
PAN sold out 5.2 million AGF shares.

(NDH) Pan Pacific (PAN - HOSE) divested 20,35% equity from An Giang Fisheries Import & Export JSC. (AGF - HOSE).
PAN continues divesting from AGF after selling out shares of PAN TRADING.

(NDH) Pan Pacific (PAN - HOSE) would like to divest 20,35% equity from Angiang Fisheries Import Export JSC (AGF - HOSE), after selling out 80% capital of Pan Trading.
PAN would like to transfer 80% charter capital in PANTRADING

(NDH) Pan Pacific Corporation (mã PAN - HOSE) has approved to transfer 800,000 shares, equivalent to 80% charter capital in PANTRADING
PAN became the major shareholder of NSC.

(NDH) Pan Pacific Corporation (PAN - HOSE) held 5,12% equity of Vietnam National Seed JSC. (NSC - HOSE).
PAN: Sunway Vietnam increased its ownership to 6,07%

(NDH) Sunway Vietnam joint stock company bid for 114.260 PAN PACIFIC shares (PAN - HOSE).

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