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PAN: PAN enjoyed a sharp profit increase in 1st quarter of 2013

(NDHMoney) PAN Pacific Corporation (PAN – HOSE) has just announced 1stQ2013 financial report of the holding and the consolidated one. Accordingly, PAN has increased his ownership in ABT that makes ABT to become PAN’s subsidiaries and leads to the profit increase of 95,92% compared to YOY
AGF and ABT have become PAN’s affiliated companies, and PAN’s cash sharply increased at the end of 1st quarter

(Stockbiz) Pan Pacific Corp. ( PAN) announced the Holding’s first quarter financial report and consolidated one
NDH Vietnam intend to increase its ownership of PAN to 20%

(Gafin) NDH Vietnam registered to bid for 422,000 PAN stocks, estimating to increase its PAN stock-owner to 4 million, its ownership to 20% from 17,8%.
Former PAN’s CEO: PAN will be a leading agricultural corporation

(CafeF) PAN’s direction is to become a leading agricultural corporation as CP Food or Indofood. Accordingly, PAN will account for over 51% capital of agricultural companies whose value chains are related.
Pan Pacific and our advanced strategy

(NDHMoney) By restructuring our organization, Pan Pacific ambitiously plans to be one of leading corporations in agriculture and foodstuff sectors
Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung SSI come back to take over PAN’s Chairman after 10 years

(Cafef) New Board of Management includes only 2 old persons from PAN and 5 new persons from SSI and other agricultural companies.
PAN will mobilize VND 650 billion to raise its chartered capital

(NDHMoney) This afternoon ( April 26th 2013), PAN PACIFIC organized Shareholders' Meeting in Sunflower meeting room, REX Hotel, 141 Nguyen Hue Str., Dist.
I have been persuaed by what PAN commits to bring for our Society

(NDHMoney) It's the sharing of Prof. Academician Tran Dinh Long, a member of PAN PACIFIC's BODs on the business direction
PAN became a major shareholder of ABT

(NDHMoney) In the morning of March 8th, PAN PACIFIC Corporation (PAN - HOSE) announced that they have become the major shareholder of Ben Tre Aquaproduct import and export JSC Co. (ABT - HOSE)
In FH2013, PAN's profit reached VND 16.86 billion, 12.4% higher compared to its plan

YoY, PAN increased its short-term investments on LAF, GIL, AGF, ABT and decreased its part in HVG. Its short-term one reached VND 79 billion.

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