About PAN

PAN plans to establish food company with chartered capital of 100 billion VND

(NDH) PAN will contribute for 99.9% capital by cash and other assets.
PAN sets target of acquiring one FMCG company

(NDH) In a recent report, SSI Research claimed that with such an ambitious business strategy, Pan Pacific Joint Stock Company (PAN) could have the total capitalization of 1 billion USD in 2020 from current 125 million USD.
LAF names new CEO: Expecting LAF sustainably develop from later half of 2015

(NDH) The reverse of material and cashew price in 2011 is what Lafooco need to consider in developing the business plan for 2015. Current management prioritizes to restructure so that Lafooco could promote its inherent potentials.
PAN Pacific Deputy Director be appointed to Lafooco General Director

(NDH) Mr. Nguyen Van Khai has been appointed to General Director position which was previously held by Mr Nguyen Van Chieu. Mr. Khai is currently a member of the Board of Management and Deputy Director of PAN Pacific that holds 23.03% LAF’s capital.
PAN targets individual issuance of 25 million of shares in quarter IV

(ĐTCK) The purpose of the issuance is to mobilize 752,5 billion dong to implement the strategy of investment, merger and acquisition to consuming food processing companies.
PAN plans to raise capital of 752,5 billion VND by individual stock offering

(NDH) Pan Pacific Joint Stock Company will offer an individual issuance of 25 million shares at the price of 30,000 dong per share. The mobilized capital will be used to implement the strategy of investment, merger and acquisition of consuming food processing companies.
PAN planned to spend more than 40 billion VND for advanced payment of 2014 dividend.

(VnEconomy) Pan Pacific Corp. (PAN) announced resolution of the Board of Directors about advanced payment of cash dividend and information disclosure on share issuance.
PAN planned to issue 20 million bonus shares with 10% payout ratio in cash.

(CafeF) PAN's capital surplus reached 669 billion VND, exceeding the company's charter capital (404 billion).
PAN has increased planned profit in 2014 by 10 billion VND.

BizLIVE - PAN has increased pre-tax profit target by 10 billion VND compared with the statement in General Meeting of Shareholders in May, 2014. Thus, PAN has completed 45.4% profit plan in this year.
CEO PAN Pacific: M&A helps Vietnam agricultural companies reach out to international market.

(NDH) According to Dr. Michael Rosen, Vietnam has many rice exporting companies, therefore Vietnam has many opportunities to build the famous brand name as Jasmine of Thailand.

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