Shareholding Structure

Shareholding Structure
In 2013, Pan Pacific Corporation (“PAN”), the then US$ 10 million market cap company, set out a two-year plan to three times double its capital and number of shares outstanding with the intent of pursuing a rollup and consolidation in agriculture, aquaculture and FMCG food product companies – pursuing our motto: “Farm. Food. Family.” – for the benefit of our shareholders, the benefit of Vietnam’s farmers, the benefit of food security and safety and thus for the families of Vietnam. 

The first round of fundraising of US$ 11 million (VND 204 billion) was successfully completed in early 2013 with 10 million shares issued to at a per share price of VND 24,000, including Vietnam’s leading securities and financial services company Saigon Securities Incorporation (SSI), other domestic investment companies like NDH Vietnam and CSC Vietnam, and Mutual Fund Elite, a Finland mutual fund identified by Bloomberg as top performer among funds domiciled in Finland over the past 10 years. 

After that, in March 2014, PAN issued an 20 million additional shares and raised US$ 31 million (VND 650 billion) at a per share price of VND 32,000. 

Funding was raised from Vietnamese institutional and private investors such as Saigon Securities Incorporation (SSI), who has been committed to growing with PAN in the long run with their 20% position, but the majority of funds were raised from prestigious international investment funds. Mutual Fund Elite invested an additional US$ 3.1 million in PAN to maintain their 10% ownership stake. GIC, the Singaporean sovereign fund, invested US$ 2.9 million and The Asian Entrepreneur Legacy (TAEL) Partners invested US$ 12 million. At the closing of this private placement, PAN share price increased to VND 43,000 per share, equivalent to a 45% increase year on year. 

The successful closing of this second private placement creates a significant impact on the view of investment community towards agriculture and food sector, and on the perception of general public about the efficient operation of businesses in this industry. It is also critical to PAN in realizing the company’s business plan.
In April 2015, PAN again issued an 21.5 million additional shares and raised US$ 35 million at a per share price of VND 35,000.

Funding was raised from prestigious investors which invested in PAN in the previous fundraising with a huge investment: SSI maintain the ownership of 20%, NDH Vietnam Co. continue to have major investment in PAN with 11% of ownership; The Asian Entrepreneur Legacy (TAEL) Partners continue to hold 20% ownership; Mutual Fund Elite, has increased the ownership up to 9.79%; GIC, the Singapore sovereign fund, has had 5.01% ownership and IFC with the ownership equals to 4.81%. At the closing of the private placement, PAN’s share price increased to VND 41,400 per share, equivalent to a 67% increase year on year.

The fact that this third private placement (1 year after the second placement) has been continuingly successful indicated the domestic and especially international investors’ trust and confidence in PAN’s vision and strategy to pursue rollups and consolidation in selected agriculture and food sectors. This shows the growing interest of investors in agriculture and food sectors. Again, it is also essential for PAN to evaluate and realize the right direction of the company’s plan.
After ESOP 2015 and 2016, PAN’s chartered capital at present is up to US$ 50 million (equal to VND 1,023,724,970,000), with 102,372,497 common shares trading at the price of VND10,000/share.
In August 2017, following the Resolution of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017, PAN issued 15 million additional shares to pay 2016 dividend for existing shareholder with dividend rate of 15%. The charter captial increased to VND 1,177,236,300,000. 

Prestige institutional shareholders remains their ownership at PAN with huge investment: SSI holds 13.68%, SSIAM hold 6.03%, NDH Invest continues 10,77%, The Asian Entrepreneur Legacy (TAEL) Partners continue to hold almost 21% ownership (20.67%) and Mutual Fund Elite (PYN) holds up to 8.55%.

The success of this issuance confirm the continuing trust of investors and confidence of employees in PAN’s strategy to become the leading Agriculture and Food Group, pursuing to provide trusted, traceable products and innovative solutions within an integrated full value chain in Vietnam and to export to the world. 


1,022 shareholders 


1. Categories of shareholders (Domestic – Management, institutes, other domestic shareholders - vs. Foreign) 

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