Vietnam is ranked as one of the fastest growing FMCG countries in Asia with 24.3%, Vietnam's F & B consumption is estimated at US$ 37.4 billion, in which packaged food consumption is estimated at US$ 10 billion.

As incomes grow, consumers focus more on processed foods rather than fresh ones. Consumers are also more and more interested in convenience packaging, origin of products, nutritional issues and food safety. These matters are most concerned in Vietnam in the context that contaminated and polluting food is causing a worry for all consumers. Moreover, with the support of the government through communication strategies, domestic food products are increasingly being selected by consumers.

The above factors combined with a large population of over 90 million, of which over 80% is under 50, fast urbanization, rapid rise of the middle class and strong development of distribution channels (supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.) show that the packaged food sector in Vietnam still has a lot of potential for growth if it grasps the current trends and solves outstanding issues.

With above evaluation, The PAN Group started its strategy with PAN Food JSC, aiming to become the leading food packaging company with a abundant product portfolio. PAN Food and its members are currently working on a plan to provide a wide range of food products that meet the real consumers’ demand through two business segments:

Everyday food: produce and supply instant products including premium packaged rice, frozen seafood and fish sauces ... These are high quality, safe, traceable traditional products, which are highly appreciated for the quality, variety and reasonable price. The everyday food business is carried out at PAN Food and member companies such as ABT, FMC and 584 Nha Trang.

Indulgence Food: Manufacture and distribute high quality nutritional products such as cake, candy, cashew nut, natural food. Indulgence food is considered to be the fastest growing segment of the Group in the coming years. This will also be one of the key investments of PAN. The indulgence food business is carried out at PAN Food and its subsidiaries: BBC and PAN Food Manufacturing.

Success in the food sector over the years has been built based on a wide distribution system of 132,000 domestic sale points  and exporting to more than 30 countries over the world, strong domestic brands, management experience from 20-30 years in related fields and the top R & D basic in Vietnam.

We believe that in the near future, Vietnamese will have more choices for domestic high quality and safe food products; The overseas markets will also add Vietnamese products of which quality is accepted and reliable to their options. 

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