Currently climate changes unusually and widely, the area of arable land and water resources in the world are decreasing while food consumption over the world is continuously increasing due to population growth and high living standards. Vietnam is considered one of the countries which are affected most by climate change in the coming years.
Vietnam, with a long history of agriculture, is a major agricultural exporter with a total exported value of $32.1 billion in 2016. Vietnam has exported the large amount of agricultural products with high value, however, over 90% of the exported products are raw, with low processing proportion and 80% of Vietnam's agricultural products have no brand, logo and labels, especially many products have to sell to the world market under foreign brands. As a result, price and gross profit of these products are low despite of the high exported volume and turnover, and the competitiveness is not high. Therefore, it is necessary to have an overall solution including changes of agricultural production process, market forecast, from planning to production, etc.
At the same time, demand for vegetables creates an urgent issue that Vietnam has not solved yet. Consumers gain more and more concern about nutrition, food safety, etc. leading to increasing need for fresh vegetables. Uncontrolled growth stimulants usage, high protective chemicals residues and other contaminated products deteriorate consumers’ trust in the domestic market as it is harder than ever to find highly nutritious products and yet safe for health at the same time.
In addition, other traditional argo-industries such as aquaculture, seafood processing, and seedling production also have more opportunities to grow in the domestic and international markets.
Understanding the great potential in agriculture and with the aspirations to improve the position of Vietnam agriculture, PAN is enhancing its standing in agriculture by producing and supplying clean, high-quality, secured and traceable agricultural products in a complete value chain. PAN's agricultural field has been developed through PAN Farm JSC (PAN Farm); This is the platform to maximize resources, developing potential agricultural businesses on the basis of separate resources that have been built up: Farming solutions and Plantation, helping the Group to maintain its long-term growth:

Farming Solutions

Provide active products in agriculture such as seeds: rice seeds, corn seeds, vegetable seeds; Transfer technology and sustainable farming solutions; Supply high-tech agricultural products and green agricultural materials. Being a leading group in plant breeding and having the top R & D team in Vietnam, the Group aims to develop premium products that are highly resistant to climate change, solving existing problems of Vietnamese agriculture. PAN' Farming solutions is carried out by Vietnam National Seed Joint Stock Company - Vinaseed (NSC) and its company members.



Provide high-tech applied agricultural products: flowers (chrysanthemum, carnation), vegetables and fruits, premium packaged rice, cantaloupe, etc. for domestic and international markets. With the advantage of existing platform and advanced technology from Japanese partners, the Group focuses on developing high quality, safe and traceable agricultural products which meet Global GAP / VietGap standard at affordable prices. PAN's Plantation is carried out by PAN-SALADBOWL JSC.

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