Announcement on Resolution of 2016 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

The PAN Group

Announcement on

Resolution of 2016 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

Based on:
- Law of enterprises 2014;
- Company’s charter of The Pan Group (“the Company”);
- Meeting minute No.01-04/2016/BBH-ĐHĐCĐ on 26th April 2016 of The Board of Directors;

Term 1: Approval of the documents of:

1.1. Report of the BOM on assessing Company business performance in 2015;

1.2. Report of Board of Directors activities in 2015;

1.3. Report of the Supervisory Board;

1.4. Financial statement in 2015;

Approval of financial statement 2015 (including the separate financial statements and consolidated financial statement) of the PAN Group, has been audited by Ernst & Young Vietnam (E&Y)

1.5. Approval of fund appropriation and the distribution of profits in 2015:
The AGM approved the distribution of 2015 profits in accordance with 2015 General Shareholders’ Meeting Resolution No. 01-05/NQ-DHDCD on 24 April 2015

The Bonus & Welfare funds at subsidiaries will be distributed under each subsidiary’s AGM resolutions.
Term 2: Approval to business results and profit distribution in 2016

Term 3: Approval to the list of independent audit firms to audit the 2016 Financial Statements of The PAN Group

The General Shareholder’s Meeting authorized the BOD to appoint one of the suggested firms to account 2016 financial statement
Term 4: Approve on the issuance of new share under ESOP plan

Term 5: Approval of removal of restriction on foreign ownership

Term 6: Proposal for amendments of several contents of the Company’s Charter

6.1. Amendments of several contents of the Company’s Charter

6.2. Authorization for the Chairman of the BOD

Term 7: Related to the Supervisory Board
7.1. Approval of resignation from Supervisory Board member position of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh;

7.2. Appointment: Approval of additional appointing Mr. Nguyen Duy Tuan, ID No. 013505886, issued on 23 February 2012 at Hanoi as a member of Supervisory Board for the remaining tenure of 2013 - 2017 according to the proposal from shareholder and the application of nominated candidate.

Term 8: Efficiency of the resolution

This Resolution shall take effect from the date of signing. The Board of Directors and related individuals are responsible for implementing this Resolution.



Please the relevant documents attached:

Original Resolutions & Meeting Minute of AGSM 2016:

Translated Resolution & Meeting Minute of AGSM 2016:
Resolution No. 01-04/2016/NQ-DHĐCĐ:
Meeting Minutes No. 01-04/2016/BB-ĐHĐCĐ: 
Please kindly see the below attached file:

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