Our History

  •  In 2018, PAN was selected as The company with the best M&A strategy in the decade (2009 – 2018) and Deal of the decade (The PAN Group – Vinaseed; PAN Food – Bibica).
  • In April 2018, PAN Farm increased its ownership in NSC from 75.06% to 80.1%
  • In January 2018, FMC officially became a subsidiary of PAN after PAN Farm successfully acquired 11,494,667 shares of FMC, increasing PAN’s ownership in FMC to 54.3% through ABT and PAN Farm
  • PAN Saladbowl signed Investment Cooperation Agreement with Japanese partner and completed fund raising of USD 5 million.
  • 2017 is the second consecutive year The PAN Group is ranked in TOP 50 best listed companies in Vietnam by Forbes.
  • PAN Food JSC completed the acquisition of 977,647 additional shares of BBC, increasing its ownership to 50.1%, and officially turn BBC to one of its subsidiaries. The event marked a milestone of solid development of the food platform of the Group. Synergies such as development of human resources in the food industry, enhancement of corporate governance, increment in both capital and investments in production infrastructure, consolidation and expansion of distribution system would be well formulated from the relationship between Pan Food and BBC.
  • The first moist cake production line in Vietnam invested in by PAN Food Manufacturing was put into production after only 8 months since the date of commencement of work.
  • PAN Food increased its ownership in 584 Nha Trang Seaproduct JSC to 32%.
  • Aquatex Bentre, a subsidiary of PAN Food successfully acquired 20.1% of Sao Ta Foods JSC – a leading company in shrimp farming and export.
  • Successfully mobilized capital of VND 400 billion from domestic and international financial institutions, PAN Farm (PAN's agricultural platform company) expanded its investment in high-tech production capacity to provide high-quality, safe and prestigious agricultural products throughout the value chain.

  • Changed room of ownership rate of foreign investors up to 100% charter capital.
  • Strengthening the agricultural sector through the establishment of PAN Farm JSC with VND1,000 billion charter capital and transferred PAN's investments in agricultural companies to PAN Farm including: Vietnam National Seed JSC and PAN-SALADBOWL JSC. PAN Farm serves as a platform to develop and implement new projects in agriculture.
  • Successfully acquired 22.4% total shares of 584 Nha Trang Seaproduct JSC - a leading brand in traditional fish sauces.
  • Promoting food platform through the establishment of PAN Food Manufacturing JSC (PFM), a body that develops factories with production technology at regional level, providing high quality and nutritious foods.
  • Completed the transfer of 80% shares in PAN Services (which contained two wholly owned subsidiaries - PAN Services HCM and PAN Services Hanoi) to Nihon Housing Company Limited (Japan) to focus on agriculture and foods manufacturing industries. PAN Services became PAN's affiliate.
  • Established PAN Saladbowl JSC, PAN owned 99.75% total shares. PAN Saladbowl invested in greenhouses and planting premium flowers and vegetables in Lam Dong.

  •  Increased charter capital to approximately VND 1,000 billion, completed VND 753 billion private offering, increasing the company’s market capital to approximately USD 160 million.
  • Increased ownership of National Seed Company (HOSE: NSC) to 75%.
  • Acquired 42.3% of Bien Hoa Confectionery Corporation (HOSE: BBC) and 75.6% of Long An Food Processing Export JSC. (HOSE: LAF).
  • Renamed to The PAN Group (from PAN Pacific Corp) and changed the brand identity.
  •  Acquired 3,391,757 shares, equivalent to 23.03% of Long An Food Processing Export JSC. (HOSE: LAF), turning LAF into a affiliate.
  • Acquired 53.2% of National Seed Corporation (HOSE: NSC); turning NSC into a subsidiary.
  • Increased charter capital to VND 616.4 billion.
  • Established PAN Food Joint Stock Company with charter capital of VND 100 billion.
  •  Increased charter capital to VND 200.5 billion.
  • Acquired 54.6% of Aquatex Bentre (HOSE: ABT)
  • Successfully divested from PAN Trading and Agifish JSC.
  • Achieved “Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion Award” by Forbes Asia and “Top 100 Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2013”.
  •  Acquired 2.6 million shares, equivalent to 20.2% of Agifish JSC’s charter capital (HOSE:AGF); making AGF Pan Pacific Corp’s affiliate
  •  Increased charter capital from VND 70 billion to VND 115.5 billion
  • Delisted from Hanoi Stock Exchange to be listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) with ticker PAN
  •  Established PAN Services Ho Chi Minh Ltd. — wholly owned by PAN.
  •  PAN Trading JSC. was established with 80% ownership by PAN. PAN Trading became the licensed distributor of Nilfisk in Vietnam.
  • Purchased the remaining 20% of PAN Services Ha Noi, increasing PAN’s ownership at Pan Services Hanoi to 100%.
  •  Increased charter capital from VND 32 billion to VND 70 billion.
  •  Purchased 80% of PAN Services Ha Noi, enhancing the position of the company in services by consistent use of the Pan Pacific brand countrywide.
  • Increased charter capital from VND 20 billion to VND 32 billion.
  • Listed on Ha Noi Stock Exchange with ticker PAN.
  •  Transformed entity into joint stock company with charter capital of VND 20 billion.
  •  Established with charter capital of VND 250 million.

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