Organizational Chart of Subsidiaries



The Company owns wholly agriculture platform of The PAN Group, including Vinaseed and PAN-SALADBOWL. PAN Farm is a pioneer in agricultural value chain, being the root to promote strengths in Farm- Food- Family strategy of The PAN Group, enhancing its solid position in agriculture sector. With the participation of prestigious partners such as IFC and Daiwa, PAN Farm is expected to be a turning point to create a new look for the Group in the journey to nourish the world and become the leading company in Vietnam in Agriculture - Food.

NSC - Vietnam National Seed Joint Stock Corporation (VINASEED)

Vinaseed – Vietnam National Seed Joint Stock Company is a scientific and technological corporate engaged in research, breeding, production and business of crop seed, and service transfer for agro-forestry techniques. The company has continued providing the market for high-quality and productive crop seed and taking transfer of scientific and technological services to bring satisfaction to customers in all parts of the country as well as practical contributions to the development of Vietnam agriculture and society.
Over 12 years of innovation and development, Vinaseed is proud to be the first unit of Vietnam to industrialize the Seed industry, an inevitable trend to enhance the competitiveness of products in integration process of the sector.
Vinaseed now has the most diverse products and consumer product mass in Vietnam with an annual consumption of nearly 30,000 tons of seeds equivalent to 1 million hectares of cultivation, a market share of 15% rice, 10% corn and 5% vegetable seeds and a distribution network of over 1000 level I dealers around the country as well. The company is the first seed exporter which has brought the Vietnam seed brand to regional countries, especially the exportation of the tropical hybrid vegetable seed F1 to the South China market.
Vinaseed team of about 300 technological specialists, 10% of which are postgraduates including 8 leading experts in seed breeders in Vietnam, now have fully mastered the hybrid seed production technology of rice, corn and vegetables.
Vinaseed currently has four subsidiaries operating in seed sector and manufacturing of high-tech agricultural products
  • Southern Seed Corporation (SSC)
  • Quangnam National Seed JSC
  • Ha Tay Seed JSC
  • Ha Nam High Tech Agricultural Development And Investment JSC
The company has a professional and transparent management system in accordance with international standards which are highly appreciated by investors in the financial market. It is certified ISO 9001 - 2008 and ISO 17025.


Established in 2016, the company is a joint venture between PAN Farm and Salad Bowl International from Japan to develop high-tech agriculture in Vietnam with priority to the Asian markets. The main products of PAN-SALADBOWL include premium vegetables and flowers for domestic market, export to Japan and other markets. From the first year of establishment, chrysanthemum and carnation flowers grown in modern greenhouses for export to the Japanese market are highly appreciated. In addition, the company is starting to test high quality vegetable products in close cooperation with Japanese partners, preparing for the expansion of all product scales from 2018.



Founded in 2014, PAN Food’ strategy is to become a favorite F&B brand of every single Asian family, providing authentic, safe and high-quality products, striving to improve and enrich the daily life of domestic and international customers. With that motto, PAN Food invests to merge other companies and possess leading capabilities in segment of food, cashew and aquaculture such as Bibica, Lafooco, ABT and 584 Nha Trang. PAN Food also develops its own production platform through PAN Food Manufacturing (PFM). Applying modern technology and expertise, PAN Food is gradually in control of consolidated value chain to ensure the commitment to bring customers food products of better quality.

PAN Food Manufacturing JSC.

Established in June 2016, PAN Food Manufacturing JSC has been developed on 10 ha area in Vinh Loc 2 Industrial zone, Long An to expand the production base of PAN Food with modern processing factory complex with international level and standards, serving the strategy of PAN Food becoming a leading company in the food packaging industry, bringing brand products with brand traceability; safety, nutrition and nature from Vietnam to the world.

Currently, the company has completed the construction phase of Food Processing Factory phase 1 and is expected to start supplying products to the market from mid-quarter IV.2017.

LAFOOCO – Long An Food Processing Export JSC.

After nearly 30 years of operation. Lafooco always maintains its reputation as a leading, trustworthy and effective export company among top 05 in Vietnamese cashew industry. The company works on several areas with two priorities: cashew processing and cashew import and export business.

Embracing a heart for the customers, a heart for the farmers and a heart for the land, we always commit to bring the highest quality products to meet the highest requirements. Our wholehearted approach is represented by a heart- shaped cashew symbol on our brand logo.

Currently, the cashew products of Lafooco are widely distributed in nationwide retail channels, supermarkets as well as exported to large market, such as: China, America, Australia, Europe, etc. Lafooco is one of the largest processors and exporters of value added- cashew nuts in Vietnam, Lafooco products has appeared on supermarket shelves in Hong Kong, Canada, etc...

Lafooco is also a member of well-known domestic and foreign Associations, such as: AFI, CENTA, VINACAS, etc. and received merits and certificates of People’s Committee of Long An Province, Prime Minister, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and VINACAS. Fairtrade has certified Lafooco for complying with its standards and FLOCERT certification requirements.


ABT - Aquatex Ben Tre JSC

After 40 years of processing and developing, ABT is currently one of the most reliable seafood processing and exporting companies, providing 2 main products: Pangasius and clams in Vietnam with more than 1,000 experienced workers. The medium-sized company has the production capacity of 10,000 tons along with machineries and equipment which meet the international standards of hygiene and food safety, such as: HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, BRC, HALAL and most recently IFC. Moreover, by incessantly developing a sustainable integrated production system, from hatchery to aquaculture and processing, ABT achieves international certificates of Global GAP and ASC for pangasius fish supply chain from raw materials to finished goods and MSC for clam supply chain. As a result, the products of ABT are creditable and exported through 35 countries and territories over the world, including: America, Japan, Canada, Australia, European countries, etc. The company continuously maintains its top position as a white clam processor and exporter from 2004 to present and is one of few companies that meets with high import standard for clam into Japan market.


BBC - Bibica Corporation

Bibica Corporation owns over 20 years of experience in food sector with trademark positioning as a top company in providing food products, ensure food safety, beautiful design, attractive in Vietnam, the company undertakes its vision and mission “Customer focus is in our activities”.

Every year, the company can supply for the market more than 20000 tons confectionery with more than 200 types of products such as assorted biscuits for Lunar New Year, Hura, cookies, chocolate, moon cake, hard candy, soft candy, ... In which Hura, Goody, Orienko, Migita, Tu Qui, Bon Mua, etc. are quite strong brands in the market thanks to extensive distribution network throughout Vietnam with over 120 exclusive distributors, 115,000 selling points and more than 500 supermarkets. Bibica products are exported to more than 15 countries and territories.

Bibica was selected 20 times successively as the leading trademark in high-quality Vietnamese goods. Bibica trademark is related closely to social activities such as building schools for the deep-lying and remote areas, “Tiep suc den truong” program.

584 Nha Trang Seaproduct Joint Stock Company 

584 Nha Trang is a famous traditional fish sauce brand based in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. With over 30 years of establishment and a series of prestigious certificate awarded by consumers and scientific organizations, 584 Nha Trang JSC is a well-known traditional fish sauce brand for preserving high quality and traditional flavor. Its diverse product portfolio ranges from ordinary type with protein level of 15-20 to premium type with protein level of 70. Its market is from North to South and the products are sold at major supermarket chains such as Intimex, Fivimart, BigC, Vinmart, and Coopmart, etc.


Sao Ta Foods JSC. (Fimex VN - FMC)

Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company (FMC) was established in 1995 and went into production in 1996. The company specializes in processing frozen shrimp for export. The company was privatized in 2003. With more than 20-year experience in the market, FMC keeps its orientation and goals to develop. Nowadays, FMC operates in the fields of processing shrimp, sea fishing, agricultural products, and shrimp farming with more than 3,000 labors. FMC is also listed in top 4 Vietnamese shrimp companies with FIMEX VN brand name which is highly appreciated in big markets such as Japan, US, EU.

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